Villanova's Sound & Light Authority


VUTC provides professional audio and lighting services for on-campus events run by student organizations. Because we are a student-run club ourselves, we are able offer rates that are significantly lower than those of outside vendors.

Our typical services include PA systems, DJ service, sound reinforcement for live bands and entertainment, and stage lighting. We can provide sound and light support to nearly any venue on campus.

If you are looking to hire VUTC for an upcoming event, please fill out an online Service Request at least 10 days prior to your event.

We're looking forward to helping you make your event a success!

Join VUTC: Get exposed to high-end professional audio gear while earning money with an on-campus job! Find out more!

October 2014
10/23 ComDept Opening
10/25 Homecoming Fest
10/27 Poetry Slam
10/28 Poetry Slam
10/30 PumpkinPainting

November 2014
11/1 IrishDance Fest
11/8 SpO LDR
11/15 Night inNigeria
11/22 Samosa

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